Broken Hearts (onomatopoeia poem)

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Stay or wait

Help or leave

I need you here, but don’t need me



My heart is shattered

Drip and Drop

The tears that fall from my face onto the grass


Why am I alone?

I need you…



My heart is shattered, and I am alone

Why am I here?

I still need you


Why did you leave?

Don’t you care?

Because I still need you

But you don’t need me.


I’ll stay I’ll help

I won’t leave

Yes you need me just wait I coming


I’ll help you up

And mend your broken heart

Until your whole again


Until Ping

Your whole and I’m here beside you

I don’t know where this poem came from I just kinda wrote it. I mean I’ve never even been in any relationship annnyyywwaayyyy… 🙂

Farewell and Lot’s of Love (week 10)

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This blogging challenge I have had a total of ten posts (eleven counting this one) and eight of these posts where challenge related but the other three were more to my interest or homework. I have had 14 comments on my blog during this challenge and 6 have been overseas blogs which was super awesome to talk with some people from other places around the world. The post with the most comments was my week 5 post and some of my poems. I would think that because I try put a lot of emotion into my posts and poems.

The blog I enjoyed writing the most was week five when we had to write about Favorites and I wrote about reading and what it means and does for me. I think I had the most fun writing this because I LOVE to read and not too many people really know how much I actually love to read and how much of a geek I am. 🙂 I have four overseas blogs on my blogroll. The web tools I used the most were Compfight and Flickr.

I asked my Sister to review my blog and hear is what she said…

“The first thing that caught my attention was your big title that said ‘PAIGE’S PAGE’… and my first impression of your blog was the bright colors on the gray background and how I thought that was impressing and really catches our eye.” She also said “The most distracting part of you blog was the comment section it makes you want to click on it and read them all.” And lastly lets see what she said on what could improve my blog. (uh oh) “Well the thing I would tell you is to maybe if you wanted to is to have a different color background..” (but I like gray 🙁  ) “… and maybe have a smaller blogroll, but other than that I really like your blog!”

Thanks man! I do to! 🙂 Well that raps up this post and the rest of the challenge 🙁 but I hope this really isn’t the end 🙁 🙂

Farewell and lot’s of Love


Dear Papa… (letter poem)

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Dear Papa,


Can I call you Papa? Or maybe I should call you Grandpa

For I don’t know, for I don’t know you

What I do know or what I think I know is you were a strong man with a     strong mind

But from what I heard maybe you also are one to wipe my toddler tears and say… “Well pumpkin why don’t we see what we can find in the cookie jar.”

Maybe you would be the one to tell me all the stories that I missed,

For I don’t know you but God I want to…


Because I am growing up now and I think more

I wonder and hope

And I think back to the day when Mom left for a few days wearing black

When she came back she was still in those clothes but this time wearing tears on her face as well


I don’t know you

But I know you were a Police man here to protect and save, but why couldn’t we have saved you?

God I miss you but I don’t know you and I want to,

How do you miss someone you don’t even I know?

I guess you feel as if you have missed something
Why couldn’t we have been best friends or shared many memories

But you had to be taken so soon


Why, I miss you, But I don’t know you

I’m here to say one more thing

That I know you missed me and my family growing up, and lost my mom and Grandma and everyone else you loved

And I don’t get to decide who stays in this world and who doesn’t

but I just want to say…

Even though I miss you I love you.


Save Me!! (week 9)

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Today there are many animals that are very close to extinction many animals not many of us would think were even anywhere close to extinction such as polar bears, giant pandas, rhinos, snow leopards, zebras, and giraffes. These aren’t the only animals close to extinction there over 16,983 almost extinct species.

What happens when one of these animals actually becomes extinct… What if those animals could have helped cure a sickness? What if they… the list can go on and on. If we don’t save these species what could happen? We might never get the chance to know if we let them die, and or kill them for furs, horns, etc. or continue to ruin their habitats. We need to find way to save them because if we don’t we could be ruining nature or possibly killing the our own human race.

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The problem this these issues cause are tremendous but our real issue is how do we actually save these animals?  There are actually many ways we can a save these animals ,such as Learn about endangered species in your area. 
Teach your friends and family about the wonderful wildlife that live near you.  Visit a national wildlife refuge, park or other open space
. These protected lands provide habitat to many native wildlife. Native plants provide food and shelter for native wildlife. Attracting native insects like bees and butterflies can help pollinate your plants. Herbicides and pesticides may keep yards looking nice but they are in fact hazardous pollutants that affect wildlife at many levels. Many herbicides and pesticides take a long time to degrade and build up in the soils or throughout the food chain. And finally we can recycle and buy sustainable products. 
Buy recycled paper, sustainable products like bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council wood products to protect forest species. So there are many ways for us to save the animals and the wildlife but, we need people to actually follow through with there commitments we need people to actually help.

No Deny (Mulitple Voice Poem)

No Deny

By Paige and Dani



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We open our hearts

And give them our tears,

We lend a hand when their filled with fears


For what we do and what we don’t

They stand by our side

With no thought of deny


We are one whole

Two pieces of the pie

We are the red and the orange of sunset that melt together and fade away not apart but together.

The chainlinks in a fence twisted and connect by the woven steal of our unbreakable bond


These people who are greater than life

They have no deny, the heart, the tears, and the many fears

The stand by our side without any lies


Falling about to hit the ground

When they pick us up before we crash  breaking into million piece unable to be put back together

But they save us from the rupture of our hearts

And the breakings of our bones



No deny,

The heart, the tears, and the many fears

The pieces of the pie, fading together,  twisted chains of our hearts made better

and Picking us up before crash

What if I Could Travel (week 8)

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Where would you go if you could go any where? Well… it is totally a difficult question but if I could go anywhere I guess I would go to Rome, Italy and Athens, Greece. The reason I would go to Rome is because of all the history, the amazing culture and architecture. The last reason I could go there is because I am Italian and some of my family still lives there and it would be an amazing experience for me.


The reason I would travel to Athens is similar to my reason for going to Rome. The history that goes back thousands of years the battles and wars, and all the building that stand from many years ago. I am so fascinated by Roman and Greek history just the idea of visiting the these places would be amazing, and the power, the amazement visiting these places could send you mind and thoughts to another world. These are the places if I had a chance I would love to visit these are the places I would love to visit.

Game Time (week 7)

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Blogs I visited:

Blogs I Commented on:

The three blogs I commented on where Jagger’s blog, Brandon’s Blog and finally Rubens Blogs. On Jagger’s blog he had a cool poem about burgers and food!  (/’ o’)/# Hey I like waffles! When I visited Brandon’s blog I thought that his blog was super cool and that his hobbies were pretty interesting :). Lastly Rubens blog which had several cool post and post about his love for soccer and how he was super passionate about it, and I thought we related a little on the his and my passion for soccer. 🙂

Nightfall (week #6)


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The reflection of the end of day in the water

Soft chirping of birds in the sky,

The ripple of that breaks through the water.

The sun sighs as it says good bye

but reveals that it will see you again in the morning

Its the worlds lie down,

its slumber,

and unwinding

The nightfall that ends us all

To put us to sleep

Never to grieve

To relax and calm down

Its all nightfall that ends us all

Reading, My Great Escape (week 5)


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Books to me are more than just words on paper. The story is a get away, it can take you to any place in time or anywhere. To 1492, or to the future where cars fly or even to place similar to where we are now only with mystical creatures we can only wish were true. Reading is my great escape a place where only I can go with no one who can bother me. There’s not much better than a good book.


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Other than just reading words on a page (THAT’S NOT ALL THAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU READ!! 🙂 ) there other benefits of reading! Some benefits of reading are Mental Stimulation, studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power, also reading helps with Stress Reduction no matter how much stress you have at work, in your personal relationships, or countless other issues faced in daily life, it all just slips away when you lose yourself in a great story reading can help with Vocabulary, Memory Improvement, and Improved Focus and Concentration. (If you want to learn more about the the benefits of reading click this link)

There are so many books in this world that maybe if you just open a few you might just fall in love with them. I think that no matter what type of reader you are, or if you think all books are horrible, I think that you can fall in love with a book. I have fallen in love with so many books and obsessed over them that I might just have a problem (you can ask any of my friends). If you don’t like books or think you don’t like books, you have to realize that there are more of a variety of books than you might think. Books are everywhere maybe just maybe you should pick one up and see what happens. In fact I bet that I if you look hard enough you might just find a book that you love. What will you read?

Blogs Around the World (week 4)


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For week 4 I decided to do activity one, the first blog I visited was Kyla’s blog, Kyla was writing about blogging and what to do and what not to do, what I really liked about her post was who she said to try to be you when you write. Next I visited  Harry’s blog on this blog Harry wrote about himself and what he enjoys, I learned that we have some of the same hobbies, and that he likes the sport cricket, which is uncommon in where I live. Then I visited Connor’s  blog who talk about sports and do you have to do them to stay active? Then I visited Evahn’s blog who is from New Zealand  and had an awesome blog. Lastly I visited Jiarn’s blog who had a super creative post for week 3!